Resonant Color is the core of my process.  I juxtapose luminous passage of saturated  color with more muted tones.  I work primarily in oils on large linen canvases.
Using a palette knife and large brushes I combine forms of opaque color with thin transparencies.  By varying the thickness of the oil paint and applying many glazes I experiment with the subtlety of lost and found edges, often finessing the edge so that there is little evidence of a stroke.
My work is informed by the traditions of Painterly Abstraction. I was first introduced to Abstraction Expressionism and Color Field Painting as a student of art historian Shirley Blum in California.  For ten years I worked in art museums and continued to draw and paint.  In the mid 80's I resumed painting full-time.  
In addition to painting abstraction, I have studied classical realist techniques and Plein Air landscape painting.
Judy Keene
July 2021